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Aluminum Moisture Pans

These oil-free weighing accessories are ideal for general purpose weighing, dispensing, storage and drying.  Compatible with most balances and dryers.  Sturdy, with a slight taper for stacking.  The weighing pans are perfect for enclosed balances and weighing equipment.


Catalog No. 80040 80062 80063

4 3/4" i.d. x 3/16" deep
Ohaus Compatible

4" dia x 5/16" deep
(Mettler 13865 Equiv.)
Sartorius & Denver Compatible

5" dia. x 3/8" deep
Ohaus Compatible
Case 1000 (10 x 100) 500 (10 x 50) 1000
Price $ 200.00 $ 160.00 $ 175.00

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