Precision Weighing offers custom software solutions that can develop, program and automate many process and laboratory applications. Configuration of software programs can be developed to include your current standard operating procedures for your specific application. This enables you to continue to “do the things you’ve been doing the in the way you want to do them” without having to change your process to conform to “off-the-shelf” software. We believe you know how to perform your tasks better than we do. So why would you change the methods you already know work? If your application requires controlling many different instruments and collecting data in many different forms or must be CRF 21, Part 11 Compliant, then Precision Weighing can provide the solution. We provide free consultation, so contact us to discuss your specific application.


Precision Weighing has included custom software in their software suite, custom software that automates the functionality of the Sartorius Mark 3 Moisture analyzer. It allows the user to control all functions of the analyzer, graphically chart the drying process for their products and collect data that can be exported to Microsoft Excel and shared real-time for better product assessment. The data for each product tested is archived in a database for reference and historical analysis. It provides a simple way to create and edit drying methods allowing the importing of only the correct methods to the moisture analyzer. The software can also collect data from multiple analyzers at the same time each using different methods. All data collected is CFR 21, Part 11 compliant as each transaction is logged and an audit trail is established.


A powerful, but easy-to-use compliment to the Sartorius Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer, the CFR 21 Part 11-compliant Moisture Plus Xstreme SoftwareTM fully automates the functionality of the moisture analyzer and allows the user to control the drying process from either the computer or from the analyzer itself


Main Features


Interactive Program Definitions and Editing.

Application includes options to create, edit, or clone programs interactively storing these programs permanently in an electronic database. Programs may be imported directly from a Mark 3 unit or from a .csv file. Programs may also be exported to a .csv file or downloaded directly to a Mark 3 unit.


Mark 3 Command Center.

Application includes a command center that can execute all defined commands for a Mark 3 controller. Responses are recorded and scripts can be built and saved using this option.


Mark 3 Controller Processing.

Application includes a dashboard status controller to monitor and control activity on all “non auto-logger” controllers. Each controller is interactively started and monitored with data displays and graphs of all data plots as data is being recorded. The controller dashboard can control up to 4 non-auto-logger units. If all controllers are defined as auto-loggers, this option will be disabled.


Auto-Logger Windows Service.

Application contains a windows service that monitors communication ports based on the moisture analyzer communication settings. This runs as a background service which requires no user interaction. Data is recorded as activities occur on the Mark 3 units. The Auto-logger can monitor up to 4 controllers, each of which may have 4 heating modules attached.


Function/Scripts Editing.

Application includes options to create, edit or delete functions/scripts that can be used to send commands to the Mark 3 units.



Application includes a fully functional security module that controls access to all options. This includes user definitions, security group definitions along with specific permission properties to define user access levels to different options.


Interactive Operator Editing.

Application includes options to create, edit or delete operator definitions and storing these permanently in an electronic database. Operators may be imported or exported using a .csv file. Operators may be downloaded directly into a Mark 3 unit.


Historical Data Retrieval.

Application includes interactive inquires, reports, graphs and data exports to Microsoft Excel.



Application includes electronic access to the documentation and operation instructions.