Precision Weighing offers service and calibration packages for many instruments used in the laboratory. On-site calibration can be performed for these instruments reducing risks and down-time associated with out-of-tolerance findings. In some cases, customers are performing these calibrations and checks themselves taking them away from their critical jobs and slowing down the performance of their daily activities. We can quickly and efficiently perform these calibrations ensuring that each instrument functions within their required tolerance.


Thermometers are used in a variety of applications and methods in most laboratory environments. Accurate temperatures are required to assure these procedures are operating correctly. Precision Weighing can certify and check the thermometers used in daily routines and offer NIST traceable certificates associated with each certification. By allowing PWI to perform these certifications, your lab techs will not have to take time away from their important daily roles.


pH Meters are usually calibrated on a per use basis. Before use, it is important the pH is checked to assure the meter is accurate. Some pH meters have a pH probe with a temperature probe either located within the probe itself, or it has an external temperature probe associated with the meter. While the pH is checked or calibrated daily, the temperature is rarely checked. The pH calibration corresponds to the temperature of the standard at the time of the calibration, so an accurate temperature is important for the proper functionality of the meter. We provide a temperature certification for the pH probes or external connected temperature devices. We also provide a verification using standards assuring the accuracy of the pH readings.


Moisture Analyzers are used in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, chemical, plastics and food. While the balance located within the moisture analyzer is usually calibrated and verified on a regular basis, the heating element is rarely checked or calibrated. Since the temperature included in each drying method is the essential part in determining the moisture content of the product tested, the temperature must be calibrated and tested to verify the results associated with each product tested. The reason usually given for not checking or calibrating the heating element is that each manufacturer requires a unique and expensive calibration disk to perform this calibration. Most calibration companies do not invest in these calibration disks, but PWI does. Our calibration services include a variety of analyzers made by Sartorius, Mettler and Ohaus.


Precision Weighing provides on-site calibration for microcentrifuges, benchtop centrifuges, and floor standing centrifuges, and several types of refrigerated centrifuges. We are able to provide RPM, Time and Temperature testing on many models. We will provide a certificate traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Our calibrations are configured to your Standard Operating Procedures and our certificates can be customized to meet your specific needs.