On-site Calibration Services: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

Precision Weighing offers verification certification on individual weights and weight sets used for daily weight checks on balances and scales. If you are using a balance, then a daily weight check should be performed to ensure the balance is functioning within tolerance. It is expensive and time consuming (with the weights being offsite for weeks) to send these weights to the manufacturer for re-certification when a simple check can be performed to assure their accuracy. Our weight verification compares your individual weight against a certified weight guaranteeing that it meets the manufacturer class tolerance or the tolerance set forth by your Standard Operating Procedure. This service can be performed on-site using our standards or can be scheduled with our office for shop verification. This secures a quick turn-around so the weights are not off-site for a long period of time. Certificates of compliance are issued for each weight or weight set verification performed and can be customized to meet your individual needs. If a weight is outside the stated tolerance, replacement weights can be purchased.